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New Listings From Recent Restaurants


Restaurant Updates
First Edition Updates | Second Edition Updates

Le Bistrot de Venise

While still offering a fascinating menu and wonderful food, Le Bistrot de Venise has moved from expensive to extremely expensive. Dinner for 2 with 2 glasses of Prosecco, 2 primi, 2 secondi, 2 glasses of wine and 2 glasses of dessert wine came out to 157 Euro, about 35 Euro more than our last dinner there in May 2003.

Taverna La Fenice

After hearing some negative comments, we returned here for a meal. The food over all is still excellent, but the cost of a meal has gone from expensive to outrageous. The servers had a bit of an attitude which bothered some of our group more than others. They were out of several of the white and red wines we tried to order. They did, on our third try for a red, give us a discount on a more expensive bottle, but then they charged us for a second bottle of white when we had only consumed one. Unfortunately we had been so stunned by the size of the tab- 200 Euro more than any place else we ate - that we did not notice the overcharge until we had left the restaurant. Not checking the bill more carefully was our fault, but it still should not happen.They were closed the next day when we tried to go back to have the bill amended.

The pasta e fagoli soup was made with long pasta that made eating it a challenge and the price was ridiculously high for what is essentially peasant food. Several items on the menu were not accurately described: a breast of duck was actually a confit of the leg and thigh, the "potato salad" that accompanied my beef cheeks was just mashed potatoes and so on. The cheese plate which had been beyond fabulous on our last visit was now only 3 cheeses. Despite requesting primarily sheep or goat milk cheeses, we were given two cow's milk - a smoked Gouda and a Parmigiano, which not everyone considers an after dinner cheese. My aged Pecorino was good but I have had far better. The accompaniments were minimal. While hesitating to discard this venerable restaurant entirely, be aware it is not what it once was in service and quality and it is a lot more than it once was in price. You can do better.

Al Fontego dei Pescaori

The restaurant has changed hands. It had a rough patch before the sale and got some very bad reviews, but current reports are good ones. We haven’t been in to check it out in person – but if you do, please let us know how it is!

Osteria Enoteca Vivaldi

Sadly this restaurant has changed from a traditional Venetian osteria into a tourist pasta and pizza place. Check out one of our many other recommendations for the area instead.

Antica Birreria La Corte

The food at this restaurant remains excellent – we just wanted to add that they now have a really great wine list!

Ostaria al Garanghelo

This restaurant has changed hands, and it doesn’t have the same family vibe anymore. The food is still decent, but the house wine is too expensive and there are better places to eat around for the current prices.

Arca Ristorante-Pizzeria

The restaurant has closed.

Ristorante Riviera

This restaurant has changed hands, and while we have not been back since the change we’ve heard good things. The new owners also own Al Pesador in the Rialto.

Vino Vino

Due to several complaints from readers and a disasterous visit of our own, we are no longer recommending Vino Vino in San Marco. The food, service and prices are not what they use to be. In addition, Vino Vino no longer accepts credit cards.

Due Torre

The restaurant Due Torre in Campo Santa Margherita has closed. It may reopen at some point under new ownership. We will check it out when and if it reopens and tell you what we think.

Iguana Mexican

The restaurant is no longer there and has been replaced by an Italian restaurant.

Bar Updates
First Edition Updates | Second Edition Updates

Alla Botte

This establishment is now a restaurant only – it is not possible to drink and eat cichetti at the bar. It is still very good for a sit down restaurant.


Vitae has closed.

Ai do Draghi

Ai do Draghi has closed.

Nova Vita on the Strada Nova

Nova is now called La Tappa. The bar still has good sandwiches and more wines by the glass than before, but prices are a little higher.

Fiddler’s Elbow

Is now called "The Irish Pub".

L’Olandese Volante

Is no longer a bar, but has been sold and is a tourist restaurant with a menu in 5 languages. The owners of L’Olandese Volante have opened the three “Muro” restaurants – one in San Polo, one near the Frari, and one in Santa Croce near San Stae that we can heartily recommend.


Moscacieka is gone, and has been replaced by an osteria.

La Cantina Wine Bar

Now serves dinner. The food is incredible and we highly recommend a meal there. They serve incredible roasted meats and all manner of fresh local seafood – big platters of it. Andrea, one of the owners, is brewing his own craft beer (Morgana, brewed near Treviso.)

Un Mondo di Vino

Has new ownership and prices are very high now. It is all marked so you pretty much know what you are getting into, but a small meal of cichetti can be obnoxiously expensive. Still, a glass at the bar and a snack won’t set you back too much – just don’t let them serve you any bread.

Osteria al Ponte

Has new ownership, but if anything the place has changed for the better. A nicer selection of food is offered. They don’t have as much of the crusty clientele and it is not as cheap, but the same great view is still out the window.

Café Blue

No longer has a computer to check email – they do, however, have wifi available for a very low price.

Food Shop Updates
Mauro El Forner de Canton

The Cannaregio branch of this bakery has closed. The one in San Polo remains open.

Puppa Roberto

Puppa Roberto has closed; there is a tourist bar there now.

Rialto Biocenter

The Rialto Biocenter has moved to Santa Croce close to Campo San Cassiano – the new address is Calle della Regina 2264.


Causin has closed.

Non-food Resources
Hair Technart Salon

Hair Technart Salon has closed.