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Chow! Venice: Savoring the Food and Wine of La Serenissima
A Guide to the Restaurants and Bars of Venice, Italy.

Venetian restaurants; Venetian Bars; Venetian Pasticcerias, Venetian gelaterias, Venetian Food Shops: do the places on that list sound like places in which you might be spending some time on your trip to Venice? If you answered yes to any of these questions about eating in Venice, then you need "Chow! Venice." Venice is a fantastic place, and there are fantastic Venetian restaurants, but like any other major tourist destination, Venice has its share of bad restaurants with inflated prices, unscrupulous waiters, and mediocre food.

The authors of Chow! Venice, Ruth Edenbaum and Shannon Essa, wrote this book because they love Venice, and they love good food. They are tired of hearing and reading that you cannot get a decent meal in Venice. They want people to experience the wonderful Venetian restaurants, trattorias, osterias, wine bars, and cafes that are too often unseen by the average tourist.

Chow! Venice offers an extensive list of Venetian restaurants and bars as well as Venetian food shops, wine shops, pasticcerias, and gelaterias and an extensive glossary of Venetian and Italian food terms. Chow! Venice is a guidebook that will be invaluable in your pursuit of the pleasures of the palate whether you are visiting Venice for three days, three weeks, or three years, and whether you have a baron's budget or count every centesmi.

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